How to Fight Scam


How to Fight Scam

So you too have been scammed by  Here is what you need to do to get a refund of your money and how to help stop their scam forever.

1) Initiate a Charge-Back with Your Credit Card Company
Call the phone number on your credit card and tell them that you’ve been scammed.  They will start a claim and hopefully get your money returned to you.  You will receive intimidating messages from OIU stating that they’ll blacklist your phone.  Ignore these meaningless threat messages.

2) Report the Scam to UK’s Action Fraud
– Go here:
– Follow the process to submit a fraud report online.  Better yet, call them and report the fraud on the phone.  Phone calls may better motivate Action Fraud to take swift action.

3) Report the Official iPhone Unlock Facebook Page
– Go here:
– Login to Facebook.
– Click the “three dots” icon near the top and click “Report Page.”
– Report the page as a scam.


4) Report Abuse to Cloudflare uses a service called Cloudflare to hide their web host information, but financial crime is against their terms of service.  Report it to Cloudflare.
– Go here:
– Fill out the form, stating that Official iPhone Unlock is a scam.

5) Report the Official iPhone Unlock website to Google
– Go here:

6) Report Abuse to Rackspace
Rackspace is’s webhost.  Report the scam to them.
– Send email to abuse -at- and to abuse -at-

7) Report the Scam to Nochex
Nochex is Official iPhone Unlock’s payment processor.  Inform them of the crime.
– Go here: https://suppo
– Fill out the form to submit a ticket.

8) Report Abuse to Paypal
Report Officialiphoneunlock’s scam to Paypal.
– Go here:
– Contact them to report the fraud.

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